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BISM: Multidimensional vs. Tabular

With the introduction of BISM Tabular in Microsoft SQL Server 2012, you have two options for a new project. BISM Multidimensional, formerly known as UDM, is still an option. In this session, see a comparison between the two “engines” available…  Watch now

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Many-to-Many Relationships in BISM Tabular

With the introduction of the Vertipaq engine and the DAX programming language, it seems that many-to-many relationships are no longer supported. As shown in this session, this is not true: many-to-many relationships can be leveraged in DAX too, even if…  Watch now

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Create a Data Model in BISM Tabular

The new BISM Tabular model in Analysis Services offers a new way to create a data model for your Business Intelligence solution. This data model has a learning curve that is better than BISM ultidimensional (formerly known as UDM) and…  Watch now

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BISM Introduction

BISM (BI Semantic Model) is the new engine that will be available in Analysis Services “Denali”. Explore the capabilities of this new model, that will be an alternative to UDM in Analysis Services and will use the new Vertipaq engine…  Watch now