Optimizing DAX Workshop

This two-day workshop is a complete course about optimizing queries and measures in the DAX language. DAX is the native language of Power Pivot for Excel, Power BI Desktop and SSAS Tabular models in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. This course is aimed at BI professionals, Power BI and Excel users who already know the DAX language and want to learn how to optimize DAX formulas and models for improving performance.

The goal of the course is to enable you to find bottlenecks in DAX calculations using tools such as Profiler and DAX Studio, providing the knowledge to improve the performance by using different DAX formulas or by changing the data model, when required. All the attendees will receive a copy of the new book The Definitive Guide to DAX.

Prerequisite: Attendees need to have a good knowledge of the DAX Language, and a previous experience using either Power Pivot for Excel, or Power BI Desktop, or Analysis Services Tabular. You might acquire this knowledge by participating to the Mastering DAX Workshop, or having equivalent real-world experience.

Topics covered:

  • xVelocity engine internals
  • Hardware considerations
  • Monitoring Tabular server
  • Reading Profiler Traces
  • Understanding Formula & Storage Engines
  • Reading query plans with DAX Studio
  • Examples of DAX optimizations
  • Optimizing Data Models and Relationships Usage

The course includes hands-on labs: you will make practice using your own notebook.

Each attendee should have his notebook or a computer to connect to virtual machines or to run exercises locally. In order to run the hands-on-labs in an on-site course, we provide a setup guide in advance, or we can provide a set of virtual machines on Azure (an Internet connection is required for attendees in this case). It is possible to extend the course to three days, using company data in order to extend the practice and optimize real-world workload of existing databases.

» Course outline (PDF)

This course will take place at your company.
Due to the strong interaction between trainer and attendees, we set a limit of 15 people
in the classroom, in order to make the training more effective.

Training centers interested in offering the workshop as a public course can contact us for further information.

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